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JAM 全花紋連帽抓絨夾克 (繁體中文) JAM 총무늬후드가 달린양털자켓 (한국어) JAM(ジャム) 冬のじゃりぐまさんフード付きフリースジャケット
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Brand children's clothing online PETIT BAMBINA > JAM > Jackets > Total Pattern Hooded fleece jacket
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Up to 140cm From 150cm
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Part number:jam-1407
Item name:Total Pattern Hooded fleece jacket
Number of images:3
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Manufacturer Part Number:
キッズ ジュニア 2172116
Size: 90cm・・・Width of a garment:30cm/Dress length(From shoulder):38、5cm
100cm・・・Width of a garment:31cm/Dress length(From shoulder):42、5cm
110cm・・・Width of a garment:34cm/Dress length(From shoulder):46cm
120cm・・・Width of a garment:35、5cm/Dress length(From shoulder):49、5cm
130cm・・・Width of a garment:38cm/Dress length(From shoulder):54cm
140cm・・・Width of a garment:41、5cm/Dress length(From shoulder):56cm
150cm・・・Width of a garment:43、5cm/Dress length(From shoulder):61cm
160cm・・・Width of a garment:45、5cm/Dress length(From shoulder):66cm
Remarks matter: ポリエステル100%
Total Pattern is different for each product

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Discount products 40%OFF
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